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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Dinar Emas & Dirham

salam sume.. i want to say "hello and have a good day" to all the reader outside there.MySpace korean says: 안녕하세요, japanese says: こんにちは, mandarin says: 你好 and in spanish says: hola.
long time no see and this blog have not updated due to my current job. Here I would like to touch a little bit about 'Dinar Emas' I thought this was a current issue nowadays. Actually this is interesting thing that you all should know..what our world's going on? every country has their own currency as well as in my country also. I don't know why the world did not prefer "dinar emas".
here i want to share some words just for our knowledge. These words also I get it from pro just want to share with you all.MySpace
The decrease of currency value often occurs. The situation urges us to carry out a research on the position of currency nowadays. In fact, the phenomenon of currency imbalance is not surprising. This is because, money which has been used now is only a piece of paper imprinted with a certain value. In other words, money used is not based on anything that we can ensure its. The basis of currency is merely lies on the value created by the world economic power. As a comparison, a long time ago, we could talk about the value of a single cent but today it has been devalued. In fact. the power of purchase is declining from time to time. In future, what was happened to the value of the one cent might also happen to the value of ringgit.Why does it happen? What is the alternative to be taken to ensure the power of currency? Any currency which has no basis is not considered real money. The revival of Gold Dinar and Dirham is not something new. As a matter of fact it had been used long before the printed money was introduced. Gold Dinar and Dirham as an exchange medium give a solid position to the money and they will also prohibit it from any kind of speculation, manipulation and so on.Currency market has turned into a field whereby certain people play the market.Thus,currency that does not have any guarantee of stability will subject to manipulation for it owns no intrinsic value. The wide practice of riba by the using printed money is considered as a weapon employed by the enemies os Islam to dominate the Muslim's economy. for further information, you can watch this video. thanks for your concern.
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